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Our New Year 2021-2022 PM classes, Mrs. Blake

Hello and greeting from an appreciative and delighted teacher!  It has been such a fun week and a very busy one.  We are working toward having a routine and setting the expectations for our afternoon classes.  The afternoon program is very different from the morning program as we do a Looping of the 2 curriculums.  This year we are learning from the Grade 2 Social Studies, Science,Health and ACSI Bible study workbook.

Special adaptions will be made for the Grade 1 students so that their workload and expectations are at a Grade 1 level.  Already we have learned to find pages in our Duotangs and the correct colour of duotang for each class.  The Bible study is packed with fantastic and colourful illustrations that teach about the Bible Heroes and also with practical application of the learning to current cultural scenarios that your child may experience.

Each afternoon we start with a Bible song that changes each week.  These songs teach scripture in a fun way and the children enjoy this large group time on the rug singing!!!!

In Social Studies we learned that a community is a place where people live, work and play.  In Science we talked about God's creation of water and how many references to water in the Bible confirm its significance.  Health has been a focus on Safety and friendliness and manners.  In Gym we got to go out and play in the fresh air and sunshine with obstacle courses and early ball skills.  

I am having fun getting to know the grade 1s and delight in having my special grade 2 helpers and continuing learners.  May your family have a great weekend .  Please remember to prepare for our Corn maze field trip.   HIP  HIP HOORAY!!!!   

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